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"The manner of speaking French is more pleasant and common to all men."

Brunneto Latini, an Italian philosopher of the Middle Ages

Some Historical Facts

As we know, the French language began to spread in the west and beyond starting from the 12th century. Here are a few examples of its impact:

• During his reign Leon I, the king of Armenia, issued a decree on the French language, thus making it the official language of his kingdom

• In 1099, the Crusaders returned to Jerusalem and founded the Kingdom of France. French became the language of the Holy Land for two centuries.

• In the 12th century French language was spoken in the Balkan countries, in the kingdom of Cyprus, in Moreh and in other countries of the Mediterranean.

Interesting Facts

French is the ninth most popular language in the world by the number of its speakers. It is the official language of thirty-three countries. French is spoken in forty-three countries around the world. The French language is one of the working languages of the United Nations. It is also one of the two official languages of the Olympic Games and the official language of the Red Cross. There are more than twenty-five French universities all over the world.

Methods and techniques of teaching

According to a source of learning, there are the following methods of teaching the French language: the word of the teacher, talk, work with the textbook, the analysis of the linguistic material, technical and visual aids, exercises.

The structure of the educational and methodical complex

Learning French is based on the textbook "Au café", that consists of three parts (levels) of studying the language: elementary, basic and advanced; diagnostic tests; audio applications.

The textbook is focused on the development of all activities necessary to achieve the practical purposes of everyday communication, and contains basic lexical and grammatical topics.

Each part of the textbook consists of lessons, which include the following:

• Speech patterns

• Phonetic material

• Grammar material

• Texts

• Dialogues

• Home tasks

• Listening comprehension

In addition to the master textbook, the teacher uses a number of other modern teaching materials, visual aids, online resources.

Teaching methodology

The combination of modern teaching techniques in  classroom is designed to provide outstanding results of language learning. We have tried to harmonize the comprehension of grammar and language practice. Special attention is given to the communicative function of language: speaking, reading and listening. Application of the game materials in the classroom allows better assimilation of the language.

The textbook is designed in a way that enables the teacher to minimize the use of intermediate language and new information - both Grammar and vocabulary – gradually superimposed on the old one. All texts and tasks including the clichés are adaptedand made easy to use for learners.

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