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Here is why you will be happy with your choice of language center if you come to us:


Fully equipped, comfortable classrooms are designed to offer productive lessons both for students and teachers. Our cozy lobby area provides welcoming atmosphere to take short breaks between the classes, have snacks and socialize with friends. In addition our friendly administrative staff will help you with any questions you might have and provide full assistance.


We are very selective of our teachers because we want to provide you with the best quality education. We have very dedicated teachers who love their job and put a lot of effort to help you succeed in your English learning journey. All our teachers have higher education in English Language Teaching and Philology. 


We use one of the best English Language Teaching (ELT) series of books in the world. The books present information in simple and well-structured way for students to learn English and be able to use it in real life.


We use innovative teaching methods in classrooms to encourage students to practice English as much as possible through reading, listening, speaking and writing exercises.. Our teachers provide stimulating and safe environment for you to excel in English. It is important  to make the learning process fun and exciting experience for you, for that very reason lessons are supplemented with additional learning aids such as videos, songs, games, poems and stories.


Upon successful completion of each level our students receive Certificate approved by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan.  Dalchyn Education Centre offers English language courses for students of various ages and level of English. Our centre offers courses from Beginners to Advanced level as well as IELTS Preparation. We believe that one can improve language skills only through practice and we ensure that every student has an opportunity to practice their skills with a native speaker.


The goal of each course is to teach students to  recognize words and sentences both when they see and hear them in real life context and help them feel confident using their skills and produce English language vocabulary and grammar structures of specific level outside of the classroom. So, whether you want to improve your knowledge of English, prepare for an exam or simply learn how to speak the language our centre can help you.



English language course duration is on average 13 weeks with 3 classes per week. Duration of each class is 2 hours (120 minutes) with 10 minutes comfort break between each hour. Students are divided by level and age into groups at admission. Children aged between 7 – 9 old of age study in Kids1 group. Children aged between 10 -12 years of age study in Kids 2 group. Subject to demand, we offer courses for teenagers from 13 to 19 years of age, or alternatively they can join the adult group (13+). Those aged 20 years and older join the adult group.

We teach Beginner, Elementary, Pre – Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced level English language courses. We also offer a course on preparation for IELTS exam. Average size of a group for each course is between 16 – 20 students. 

Those who have studied English before, are offered to take placement test to identify their level of English. Groups are combined based on students’ level of knowledge. In order to make fair assessment of our student’s knowledge, we conduct two tests (midterm and final test) within the framework of study course . Final score is based on the result of these two tests. We strive to maintain strict control of quality both at delivering the course and assessing the level of knowledge gained in our Education Centre. We have therefore established minimum pass rate to receive the certificate of completion at 60%. Those who fail to achieve pass rate are offered to retake the course.  Once a month students are invited to participate in additional practice lessons, which focus on developing communicative skills. These can include discussion group, reading group, watching movies and language practice with native speakers.

For convenience of our students, courses are taught during the following times:

Morning– 09:00 – 11:15

Afternoon – 14:00-16:10; 16:15 - 18:25

Evening - 18:30 – 20:45

During the 10 minutes break between the sessions, students can socialize in the newly opened “Altyn Alaw” coffee shop located in the same building, which offers selection of freshly ground coffee, various non – alcoholic drinks, snacks, pizzas, pasta, salads and freshly squeezed juices.


The lessons are divided into five parts: vocabulary, grammar listening, reading and speaking. The lessons are conducted in following order:

1. Vocabulary: Introduction of new vocabulary, learning spelling, pronunciation and meaning of words. Giving examples in what context they can be used.

2. Grammar: Presenting grammar structure using new vocabulary and giving real life situation examples. The goal is to build on students’ accurate knowledge of grammar introduced in the unit.

3. Listening: Listening to the pronunciation of new vocabulary, grammar structure and relevant stories of audio or video versions.

4. Reading: Practicing reading of new words

5. Speaking: Group or pair activities where students gather information from and about each other and present it to everyone. Oral practice of everything gained at the lesson.

Language learning is a hard work and our experts will do all it takes to make this process enjoyable for you. 

Bring your commitment and dedication to learning - the rest is on us!

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