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Eziz OVEZOV /   04.07.2018  /  Science

In search of a common language: the delegation of Cambridge University visits their Turkmen colleagues

From July 1 to July 4, a delegation of Cambridge University has paid a working visit to Ashgabat. Specialists of the famous University held talks with a number of public and private educational institutions of the country, as well as with representatives of the Ministry of Education with the aim to strengthen and develop closer cooperation. During the visit, the delegation has also visited the Education Centre Dalchyn that has organized a special event, an Open Door Day, devoted to its major foreign partner – the Cambridge University Press. Visitors had a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the specialists of the most prestigious University in the Great Britain and get valuable advice on learning English language.

Doctor Daniel Brooker, a senior international manager for education of Cambridge University, has led an English training for Dalchyn students and answered questions from the audience. Doctor Hannan Khalifa, a head of Research and International Education Department of the famous University, held a workshop for Dalchyn teachers. It is worth mentioning that since the beginning of this year, Dalchyn employees have been taking part in a remote training course of Cambridge specialists. This training is just a small part of the long-term plan of cooperation between the Education Centre and the British University.

In his interview with ORIENT, Daniel Brooker spoke in more detail about the purpose of the visit to Turkmenistan and further cooperation: “Since 2013 we are developing cooperation with educational institutions of Turkmenistan to improve the level of English language learning. During this time, we have achieved several important goals.” “First and foremost, we have established close cooperation with the Education Centre Dalchyn, which is successfully applying the Cambridge programme for teaching English. We have also achieved success in developing relations with the country’s universities, in particular, the International University for Humanities and Development.” “Most importantly, in January 2018, we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, which implies cooperation in the field of teaching and learning English.” Mr. Brooker has also noted that today the parties are negotiating the implementation of the ideas set out in the Concept of improving foreign language teaching in Turkmenistan.

In the framework of the Open Doors Day, Dalchyn has also held traditional competitions and quizzes designed to acquaint visitors with the activities of the Education Centre and increase the level of English language proficiency. The volunteer of the Education Centre Dalchyn Jahan Odurdyyeva says: “We held Open Doors Day for everyone every season. Here you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the Centre and win a free course of study in our Education Centre!”

Murad Saparov  /   05.06.2018  /   Science

Teaching staff of the education centre “Dalchyn” upgrading their qualification on – line

Private sector companies involved in the educational sector of the economy are taking an active part in creating an innovative educational environment, through creation of favorable learning conditions for the Turkmen youth.

Starting from February 2018, instructors of “Dalchyn” education centre are taking part in upgrading their qualification. The main feature of these training sessions is that they are delivered remotely by the experts of the Cambridge University through on – line sessions.

As noted by “Dalchyn” teachers, these training sessions allow them to implement invaluable experience shared by their international colleagues representing one of the leading educational centers of the world, and learners have a unique opportunity to master a foreign language in accordance with methodology of the Cambridge University without leaving the country.

Distance learning training sessions for Dalchyn instructors had started from rehearsal of general teaching aspects, in particular key factors contributing to efficient training, lesson planning etc. Gradually, subject matters of the sessions became focused on particular subjects, which enabled implementation of various teaching methods and approaches in stages.

Training sessions for Dalchyn trainers were held in different formats, ranging from email exchanges with Cambridge specialists to online video conferencing.

Cambridge experts focused on provision of the most up-to-date information to Dalchyn team, who in their turn have quickly implemented newly acquired material in their teaching process. Students attending the courses have welcomed new teaching approach with great enthusiasm and noted its enriching and enhancing contribution to the language learning process.

To date, teachers of Dalchyn language centre have covered training sessions in 10 subjects. Most active ones have been awarded with certificates, confirming successful completion of training.

Creative approach to upgrading qualification of Dalchyn teachers is a vivid example of successful development of distance learning approach to education, which enriches professional opportunities for both trainers and students.

   /   10.04.2018  /   Общество

“Dalchyn” Language Education Centre initiates charity event

A. S. Pushkin State Russian Drama Theatre I Ashgabat hosted unusual performance. Monday morning, which is traditionally a day off in theatres, people crowded up atht the entrance of the theatre. It attracted the attention of the bystanders. “Is there any performance today?” – They asked.

It was not the actors of the theatre who performed on that day even though they have been involved in the organisation of the event. Students of “Dalchyn” Language Education Centre, which initiated charity campaign, performed at professional stage.

The idea of “Dalchyn” met the support of everyone to whom the managers of the centre addressed for assistance. The idea was that the children would play the fragments of the famous performances in original language - Turkmen, English, Russian, and would collect the money for Homeless Pets Centre “The Island of Hope”.

Volunteer movement in Turkmenistan has been improved and developed during preparation and conduct of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in September 2017. Ashgabat Games have had tremendous success, however after its completion, volunteer teams and their spirit have not faded away in the routine. They find new addresses, which can use their involvement, indifferent attitude and wish to do good things. “The Island of Hope” was one of the results of their activity. There also the students of International University of Humanitarian Studies and Development among its supporters.

The humanity is the key component of ecological culture of the society. Love and care of people and any living creature involve ecological thinking. “2018 is the Year of Dog according to Chinese calendar and for us this is the year of Vepaly the alabay. It means that new year will be more stable and harmonic comparing with the last one and will bring us prosperity and success in what we do. All roads will be open for us, unprecedented measures will be taken and large projects will be realized…” – President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said congratulating the compatriots on the New Year.

Such expectation are related with the New Year, which goes under the symbol of the dog – the best friend of the man. The human pays back with warm attachment and responsibility for such attitude and is willing to help if the dog got in trouble or to some careless person or lost the owner. “The Island of Hope” is the first centre for homeless pets officially registered in the country in August 2017 as individual charity organization that makes such care of the animals.

Since its foundation, the number of pets on the “Islands” has grown, hence there are more things to do. It is remarkable that government organizations also assist to this good deed regularly providing necessary medical means, veterinary services, etc. Recently, the businessmen – restaurateurs and food producers, decided to participate in provision of food for homeless dogs and cats.

As it was mentioned above, the Centre is visited by volunteer students – there is plenty of work for everybody. In other words, the support is rendered from many sides not particularly to the Centre but to the social role that it plays. The action of “Dalchyn” was aimed, which idea is to show enormous moral, spiritual, intellectual and artistic potential of young generation, to share live-assertion, positive energy of talented and committed youth, at the attraction of the attention of different population levels to social significance of such organizations.

That was exactly how the spectators saw the performers on the stage – not simply the boys and girls who are dressed in costumes, not just students learning foreign languages outstandingly and not just talented children who can sing, dance and play the roles. The honesty responsive audience applauded to the people with beautiful and pure soul who have just started living and are willing to share the best what they have – heart warmth, kindness, and knowledge they absorb to be useful for the society and their Motherland, with the whole world.

The potpourri on the motifs of the world literature classics had great success even small hiccups and mistakes of the amateur actors looked touchy and pretty and were supported by the storm of applause. This was not because everything is forgiven to self-made artists but because they came and did it. They came over their timidity toward the stage and public and was brave enough to reveal themselves. It cost them a lot of work during the rehearsals and out of it.

Such masterpieces as lyrical Turkmen destan “Shahsenem and Garib”, Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette” and “Othello” were taken as the material for the stage play. Powerful drama list included one of the “small tragedies” by Alexander Pushkin “Mozart and Salieri”. Only one comedy – Shakespeare’s "The Taming of the Shrew", was included in the programme, however the immortal status of play did not give a chance to lower the benchmark of actors’ exactingness toward themselves. They made the audience enjoy it!

Successful solution – the conversation of Venetian merchant and traveller Marco Polo with his Turkmen guide, allowed joining these greatest works into one organic composition. They came together to the heart of the great Silk Road – Turkmenistan and during their long journey they told interesting stories to each other…

Comfortable atmosphere of trust and immediacy, which the spectators and actors took away with them in their heart with the gratitude to each other, was from the beginning of the performance. The words of gratitude and inspiration was sounded was expressed in the performance of the organizers of the concert but the main things is that these words contained the message that unites the people making them do good things.

As it was said above all money for the tickets for the performance of “Dalchyn” Language Education Centre were sent to support “The Island of Hope” organization.

“Dalchyn” is not alone in its initiative. The action was enthusiastically joined by the personnel of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry, having again provided the “Island” with necessary medicines, bondage materials and other. Representatives of the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture were also present in at the concert and provided the help for the Centre for another time.

Besides, great gratitude was expressed to the Natural Protection department, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ministry of Municipal Services who at present time work on the project of large facility for homeless dogs and cats.

The students of International University of Humanitarian Studies and Development inspired by their mentors for good affairs have been appraised for active volunteer activity. The Ministry of Education also provided great support in the organization of the event. The students of “Dalchyn” expressed the gratitude to the personnel of A. S. Pushkin Theatre and to the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan through them for the help in the implementation of the idea. “Website Orient” of Media-Turkmen Agency was informational partner in this action.

tdh  /  17.12.2017  / 

Cambridge University Press Licensed Bookstore Opens in Ashgabat

In the educational system of modern Turkmenistan, advanced approaches to learning foreign languages are being introduced at all levels of education; and methods of teaching are being improved.

Private companies make their contribution to the development of the country’s educational system. A vivid example to that is Dalchyn Private Enterprise that provides services in language teaching, theory and practice of translation.

To implement modern approaches to learning foreign languages, Dalchyn Private Enterprise has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Cambridge, which allowed the Turkmen company to become the first official distributor of teaching materials of this leading British University in Turkmenistan.

The opening of the first store offering licensed literature of the University of Cambridge is a result of this productive partnership. The customers will have access not only to teaching and educational materials, but also to fiction and specialized literature in English, including manuals on aviation, oil and gas, tourism industry etc.

The opening ceremony of the bookstore was attended by representatives of the British Embassy in Turkmenistan, teachers of Dalchyn Education Center and its numerous language students.

Every textbook comes with a CD containing texts read by professional speakers with classic pronunciation and accent. Sets also include videos that help explore the theory and apply it practically.

Besides the bookstore, Alty Alaf thematic café was opened as well. The place is decorated with different pieces reflecting the English culture. Immersing into the atmosphere of Misty Albion, language students will have a chance to relax after classes and try British cuisine, snacks and desserts cooked by professional chefs, and enjoy dozens of coffee varieties.

The building also hosts a Resource Center where students have free access to books, movies and other aids, and can discuss acquired information. This allows them to immerse deeper into the atmosphere of the language they are learning.

It is worth mentioning that cooperation with international educational institutions is expanding with foreign specialists and native speakers being invited to conduct practical lessons with students and staff of the Center.

Immediate plans include organizing extensive English courses with participation of lecturers from the University of Cambridge.

Unique feature of classes offered at the Center is that they are aimed at creating a special atmosphere that facilitates retention of acquired knowledge through establishing a dialog in a foreign language between learners. Groups do not exceed 15 students, allowing the teacher to give attention to every trainee.

The main task that teachers of the Center have set for themselves is effective language teaching in a short term with individual approach to every student. For instance, the English program for beginners is divided into six stages and takes approximately 18 months. More advanced students may be offered a shortened program. With due diligence, students who have completed all stages will have acquired knowledge and experience that will allow them to sit IELTS test that is required for employment, or admission to foreign universities.

Considering the peculiarities of perception of foreign languages by different age groups, courses are intended for three categories of students: 7-12, 13-19 and 20 years and above. Children are taught in a playful manner, with quiz games, competitions and techniques for easier language learning.

These days the Center has announced the admission to winter courses of Turkmen, English, Russian, German and French.

Eziz Ovezov   /   06.09.2017  /   People

The team of translators of “Ashgabat 2017” consists of "Dalchyn" Education & Translation Center specialists

Preparation for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) is a crucial part of our country’s life. AIMAG is going to become the large-scale event not only for Turkmenistan, but also for the whole Central Asian Region and will gather tens of thousands of spectators and participants.

Both state and private enterprises have been actively involved in preparation for the Games. Individual Enterprise Dalchyn (Dalchyn) is also making its contribution by providing language training and translation services.

Dalchyn is one of the first companies in Turkmenistan that provides the full range translation services. In September 2016, the company started cooperation with Trivandi Chanzo Limited (TCL), the British Company – and official consultant of the Executive Committee on preparation of the 5th AIMAG. Within short period of time two companies have brought together a group of highly qualified translators who are currently involved in preparation for the event.

Dovlet Rejepov, who assisted experts of TCL in delivering training said: “Everyone knows that volunteers are the face of the Games, as they form first impression of athletes and visitors about Turkmenistan, our capital and Ashgabat 2017. To help the Games, over 8 000 young talents, mostly students from Turkmen Universities, have been involved in "The First Stars" volunteer program. Special trainings organized by TCL for team leaders will help the First Stars to understand their Games time responsibility and develop their language skills.

IMAG will test professional approach and solidarity of Dalchyn team as they are expected to fulfill a variety of tasks including simultaneous and consecutive translation, translation of official documentation and other ad hoc support. One of the challenges that Dalchyn will face during the Games is ensuring timely provision of high quality services as its main priority is to create all opportunities for Ashgabat 2017 to become a dialogue of cultures without language barriers.

“We are proud to participate in the preparation for the 5th AIMAG", - said Nazar Atajanov director and founder of Dalchyn. The Games provide an excellent opportunity for us and other representatives of the Turkmen private sector to enrich their professional experience while working on large-scale international projects.

Our country is quickly becoming the center of many international forums, symposiums, scientific conferences and political events. The number of foreign companies that invest in the development of Turkmenistan's economy and attract local workforce that speaks foreign languages is growing rapidly.

Currently, Dalchyn education centre is providing language courses in Turkmen, English, Russian, German and French languages. Most of the students prefer learning English, as it is the language of international communication. In view of this, Dalchyn has established close cooperation with Cambridge University Press, and currently using their teaching materials for its courses.

Main objective set by the teachers of Dalchyn is effective language teaching within short period of time and with an individual approach to each student. For example, English language training program allows starters to master the language in six stages, within 18 months. With due diligence those listeners who have passed all six stages, will be able to comfortably pass the IELTS exam, which is required for work in foreign companies or for enrolment to international universities. This year Dalchyn education centre is preparing to enroll new listeners for autumn courses on 2nd of October.

The motto of Dalchyn: “Learn languages, discover the world!” “We use modern technology and approach to teaching in order to develop communicative skills of our listeners within short period of time”, said Guncha Bagiyeva – instructor of English at the Centre. Strict quality control of educational process and assessment allow students achieve high results. In addition, we offer our listeners practical exercises aimed at developing communicative skills, including reading, watching and discussing films, various contests and games. The upcoming AIMAG motivate us to further improve our work.”

Dalchyn translates from Turkmen as “cinnamon” – the favorite spice for gourmets that gives special piquancy to food and drinks. Not only cinnamon is renowned for its healing properties but it also invigorates leaving a long lasting aftertaste.

Similar to this, graduates of Dalchyn education centre acquire a separate line in their CVs confirming the knowledge of foreign languages as well as international communication skills, which makes them more competitive in the labor market.

Recently, the Center has received request from the State Concern “Turkmengas” to develop special language courses for engineers of the national oil and gas industry. Based on this, the Centre is planning to design special language courses for specialists of the oil & gas complex, which will consist of five training stages delivered in Turkmenistan, and the sixth, practical course - delivered in the UK.

Currently, the company is engaged in negotiations with Cambridge University Press in order to become their official partner, which will allow Dalchyn to distribute licensed training materials of this famous University in our country. The adaptation of teaching materials to the socio-cultural context of Turkmenistan is the long-term perspective for cooperation. Such textbooks will be adapted to the cultural, historical and linguistic features of the Turkmen people.

Future plans of Dalchyn include opening of a specialized school for training experts in business, law, computer literacy and accounting in English. Through this, the company intends to train specialists, focused on work with international companies working in Turkmenistan, which in turn will create opportunity for young graduates to gain necessary skills without leaving the country.

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